Attorney Registration Video Tutorial



The following video tutorials will assist individuals that need to submit an annual registration to the Pennsylvania Disciplinary Board, for one or more attorneys, and pay the corresponding fees.




2018 Annual Attorney Registration

The following tutorial summarizes how to use the UJS Web Portal to complete the annual attorney registration process and submit payment for the corresponding fees.


Runtime may vary based on individual preferences.


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A still image from the 2017 Annual Attorney Registration video




A UJS Web Portal account is required to complete the attorney registration process. If you do not have an account, click the Creating an Account button for additional guidance on this process.


Creating an Account




The USBank Checkout process

Provides an overview of the payment submission portion of the PAePay process. Payment information is collected and submitted through a third-party website operated by USBank. This video is only applicable to individuals that select the PAY ONLINE button during the registration process.


Runtime: 6 mins.


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A still image from the USBank Checkout Process video






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