Video Training: GTS Essentials



Join Dave, a training specialist with the Administrative Office of the Pennsylvania Courts (AOPC), for a guided tour of the GTS.









1m 46s


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I. The Dashboard



Upcoming & Overdue Reports

2m 16s


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Active Cases

2m 19s


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More Actions

3m 4s


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II. Guardianship Reports



Inventory Report

3m 8s


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Guardian of the Person Report

3m 18s


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Guardian of the Estate Report: Overview

5m 5s


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Guardian of the Estate Report:
Part V, Question 3 - Asset Management

4m 4s


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III. Submission & Payment



Submission & Payment

2m 56s


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Submit Multiple Filings Simultaneously

1m 58s


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IV. Correcting & Amending Reports



Resubmitting a Corrected Report

1m 50s


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Amend a Report

1m 19s


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Conclusion & Other Help Sources



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